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Springfield, Missouri, Trial Lawyer

The attorneys and staff of the Law Offices of Dan Moody and Paul Wacker, L.L.C., provide injured people with the best legal representation possible, and service and support along the way. We will come to you to explore your legal claims. We put in the time and the legwork and work with the best available experts. We are available whenever you have questions. We are here to help with property damage, insurance coverage and finding quality doctors.

Our legal team handles all types of personal injury and wrongful death claims, including motor vehicle accidents, recreational accidents, workplace injuries and medical negligence. Based in Springfield, we serve Greene County and surrounding counties of southwest Missouri. We also take cases in bordering counties of northwest Arkansas and western Oklahoma.

Aggressive, Committed and Hands-On Legal Representation

Paul Wacker and Dan Moody operate separate legal practices. However, they share an office and staff, and they routinely work cases together or help each brainstorm strategies and play devil’s advocate to strengthen their respective clients’ position.

Dan Moody has practiced as a plaintiff’s personal injury attorney since 1981, and before that he served as prosecuting attorney in southeast Missouri. He has operated in Springfield for more than 25 years. His record of successful representation includes numerous million-dollar and even multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements, but he does not limit his practice to big cases. He helps all injury victims stand up for their rights. Dan is known as a formidable trial lawyer who regularly takes cases all the way to a jury.

Paul Wacker previously represented insurance companies for 25 years for a large litigation firm in Springfield. In fact, he and Dan Moody met and became good friends while working on opposite sides of the personal injury fence. Eventually, Paul tired of helping insurers withhold needed compensation from injury victims and families. Wanting to help “the little guy,” he switched sides in 2002 and represents only plaintiffs. He knows how to analyze a personal injury case from the insurance company’s perspective and how to work with adjusters and insurance defense lawyers to get a full and fair settlement for his clients.

We Will Come to You and We Will Take Care of You

When you contact us, Paul Wacker or Dan Moody will speak with you directly to assess the preliminary facts of your claim. If you are incapacitated from your injuries or can’t get to us because your car is wrecked, they will visit you at your home or hospital to further discuss your claim. Mr. Moody and Mr. Wacker regularly travel the highways and back roads of Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma to meet with people like you, even if you do not have a “million-dollar case.”

Our attorneys are involved at each stage of your legal matter. We visit the accident scene to recreate the incident by taking measurements and pictures, and by interviewing witnesses, police and ambulance personnel. We research your case, assess liability and damages, and prepare your claim for settlement or trial. We have the resources to hire professional investigators, accident reconstructionists and medical experts as necessary to win damages.

The seasoned staff of Law Offices of Dan Moody and Paul Wacker, L.L.C., will work aggressively to obtain maximum compensation for the harms and losses your family has suffered. Contact Paul at 417-882-1933, email, [email protected] or contact Dan at 417-882-1933, email, [email protected].


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