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At the Law Offices of Dan Moody and Paul Wacker, L.L.C., we use our extensive experience to fight aggressively for your legal rights. We are experienced in a broad range of personal injury litigation.

Trial lawyers Paul Wacker and Dan Moody primarily handle cases in southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas. Contact our Springfield office for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Auto accidentsWe have handled hundreds of car accident claims. Our background includes 30 years of experience working with insurance companies, and we know how insurance companies and insurance claim representatives work. We will fight to settle your claim for its full and optimal value, or we will go to court to achieve your full compensation.

ATV and motorcycle accidentsOur firm is dedicated to standing up for the rights of individuals who have sustained injuries in an ATV or motorcycle accident. The injuries that result from these types of accidents can be severe, as the riders are not protected as they would be in a car or other larger vehicle.

Truck accidentsA collision with a truck or tractor-trailer can cause devastating injuries due to the sheer size of the truck. We are highly understanding of the specific challenges that injured individuals face and take the time to get to know them in order to better tailor our personal injury representation to meet their needs.

Slip-and-fall accidentsWe are thoroughly experienced with a wide variety of slip-and-fall accidents, including accidents that occur in public, business and privately owned locations. We handle all injury types, from very severe brain injury, broken bones, spine, discs and organ damage to less severe muscle, tendon, contusion, cartilage, sprains and other soft-tissue injuries.

Playground injuriesIf your child was injured at a park or playground, we will pursue action against the equipment manufacturer, property owner or public entity responsible for providing a safe atmosphere and maintenance.

Injuries at schoolIf your child was injured in an accident at school because of a safety hazard or came to harm at the hands of school personnel or through their failure to protect your child, you may have grounds to sue.

Swimming pool accidentsWe can bring action for drownings, near-drownings, diving injuries and falling injures at public or private pools, water parks, swimming beaches and other venues.

Boating and Jet Ski accidents:Watercraft accidents often involve alcohol, unreasonable speed, inexperienced operators and other careless or reckless behavior. We pursue compensation for boat/Jet Ski collisions and water-skiing injuries.

Electric shock accidentsWe have handled both electrocution deaths and lawsuits for the serious aftermath of electrical contact accidents, including burns, nerve damage, brain damage and internal injuries. We excel at proving negligence and damages.

Nursing home negligence: If your elderly loved one died or suffered injury because of substandard medical care or neglect in a nursing home, we will pursue compensation for the medical intervention and the pain and suffering.

Catastrophic injuriesIf a family member has suffered a spinal cord injury, brain injury or other permanently disabling injury, we work to ensure that compensation covers years or a lifetime of special needs and lost income.

Wrongful deathWrongful death accidents invariably cause significant emotional suffering to the victim’s family, in addition to the tragic loss suffered by the victim. We have helped many people deal with the pain of losing a loved one with dignity as they recover compensation from the negligent party.

Products liabilityIf you have been injured using a product, the maker or seller of the product may be liable for damages to compensate you for your injuries for a defect that should not have occurred. We have worked with claims involving a wide range of companies, including Ford and Chrysler.

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If you are facing legal challenges in the areas of personal injury or products liability, you need the experienced and aggressive Springfield injury attorneys of the Law Offices of Dan Moody and Paul Wacker, L.L.C. Contact us online, call Paul at 417-882-1933, or reach Dan at 417-882-1933.


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