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Playground Accidents in Southwest Missouri

Children don’t stop to examine a playground for hazards. If the monkey bars and slides are open for business, there is a reasonable expectation that the equipment is safe to use.

If your child suffered serious playground injuries, an experienced attorney at the Law Offices of Dan Moody and Paul Wacker, L.L.C., can determine if you have grounds to sue for the medical expenses and harm. We will pursue your legal remedies against any liable party — a school, municipal entity, business or neighbor, or the manufacturer of faulty play equipment.

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Children assume some of the risks at a playground such as walking in front of a moving swing. However, there may be a premises liability or products liability claim when the child was not at fault and could not be expected to foresee:

  • Falls from heights, and slip and falls (missing railing, slippery surfaces)
  • Sharp edges, protruding hardware or pinch points
  • Structure collapse or snapped cables
  • Serious burns from sun-heated plastic or metal
  • Assaults by older kids in sight of supervising adults

We can investigate injury at a school playground, city park, amusement park, fast-food play area, a neighbor’s swing set or even a play structure in your own backyard. We have the experience and resources to document the dangerous condition and to demonstrate the property owner’s liability or the manufacturer’s defect. Was the apparatus inherently dangerous or improperly assembled? Were there frayed ropes, rotted wood or other signs of neglect? Have there been previous accidents or safety violations? How long had the hazard existed?

Springfield Child Injury Attorneys

Playground accidents can result in serious and lasting injuries to children: spinal injury, head trauma, dental damage, facial scars, broken bones and fractures, and severe lacerations, sprains or nerve damage. We pursue full compensation for medical care and physical therapy, for any disability or disfigurement, and for your child’s pain and suffering.

We will aggressively counter any attempt to deflect liability or reduce damages by blaming your child for a playground injury caused by the negligence of others.

Contact playground injury lawyers Dan Moody or Paul Wacker for a free case evaluation and answers to your legal questions. We are centrally located in Springfield, across from St. John’s Hospital on Sunshine Street just east of National, next to the Mexican Villa Restaurant.


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