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Springfield Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys

Injuries From Nursing Home Neglect in Southwest Missouri

If your elderly parent has unexplained injuries, took a sudden turn for the worse or died unexpectedly in a nursing home, it is natural to have questions and suspicions. Was your loved deprived of medical attention or basic needs? Did he or she suffer needlessly? Where was the “care” in long-term care?

The Law Offices of Dan Moody and Paul Wacker, L.L.C., handles claims against nursing homes for injuries or death resulting from negligence, neglect or substandard medical care. We hold elder care facilities accountable for fair damages for the medical intervention and the physical and emotional harm.

We know the questions to ask and how to get the answers.

Our Springfield lawyers handle nursing home injury and wrongful death litigation in southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Springfield Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers

Residents in a nursing care facility deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Furthermore, the administrators, medical professionals and staff are legally bound to meet an accepted standard of care. Unfortunately, many nursing homes are understaffed, and residents do not get the quality, attentive care promised in the brochures.

Veteran personal injury attorneys Paul Wacker and Dan Moody have held nursing homes responsible for injury, illness and deaths resulting from:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents (safety hazards or failure to assist)
  • Medication errors (wrong drug, wrong dose, missed dose)
  • Undiagnosed medical conditions (infections, stroke, cancer, etc.)
  • Bed sores (pressure ulcers) from languishing in bed without being turned by staff
  • Dehydration or malnutrition (ignoring special diets, failing to monitor and assist eating)
  • Other medical negligence or neglect

We do not take these cases to “cash in” or to make a public statement. We seek only fair remuneration for the costs of hospitalization and rehab, for any lasting disability, and for your loved one’s pain and suffering.

Greene County Elderly Abuse Lawyers

Call Paul at 417-882-1933, email, [email protected]  or Dan at 417-882-1933, email, [email protected]  for a free initial consultation to discuss your concerns. We are centrally located in Springfield, across from St. John’s Hospital on Sunshine Street just east of National, next to the Mexican Villa Restaurant.


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